Massage Therapy
With Sun

A relaxing field of tall grass on rolling hills.
"What you are doing is just on a different level then any other massage I've gotten in my life. It's almost not even comparable."
Justin McLeod
"That massage was like a big glass of water after wandering through the desert, dying of thirst."
Jordana Jacobs
"I don't have words, but that felt important. That's the word actually - important."
Jake Chai
"That was the best thing I've ever felt."
Danielle Bloch
"Every time I get a massage from you I think, 'I should really do this for myself every month.' "
Rasprit Kuar

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I believe good massage therapy is built upon the ability to use the hands to listen.
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My journey into massage began on the path towards Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine. I started my undergraduate degree in Biology at the University of Washington in 2002, and simultaneously attended the Brenneke School of Massage at night to obtain my license in 2004.

The foundation of my work is primarily Deep Tissue Swedish Massage supplemented by Trigger Point Therapy. I move slowly and methodically through the body to find patterns of tension, then listen to the body to determine the right pressure and pace to allow the body to find release.

I also see how the body, mind, and spirit are all integrated and coordinated somatically in our tissues. I commit to be present with the intention of healing as we dedicate your time on the table to your sacred temple.

Best wishes,

A photo of Sun giving a massage on an island beach.


I am based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, though I am open to travel with my table within NYC or around the world.


Minutes / Rate

90 / 222
180 / 444

Package Discount 
Three 90-Minute Massages / 555 - (185 per)

Within NYC / 60
Beyond NYC / Negotiable

*Open to trades, bulk rates, and needs-based rate adjustments. Please feel free to ask!
Below is a non-comprehensive list of different massage modalities I have studied that inform my work and what I can provide:

Swedish & Deep Tissue Swedish
Trigger Point Therapy
Sports Massage
Myofascial Release
Wat Po Thai Massage
I can provide a number of services in person or on zoom. Below are some examples, and I am open to hearing how else I may be of service.

Stretching and Muscle Maintenance
Massage for Couples Class
Guided Meditation
Retreats, Local or Abroad
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